> We Generate Leads.
> We Create Business.
> We Set Appointments.

We believe that Heart-Based Business is the only way for the future.

“When like-minded people come together in mutual responsiveness to perceived goals – great things happen. The leads flow, the appointments are solid, and the revenue generated is predictable, sustainable, and…impressive!”

Justin Laju, Principal of Appointment Setter

Our Point of Difference.

We Generate Leads On Tap

We Create Business

We Are Appointment Setter

Our leads are live, exclusive, and they are waiting for a call from your company.


We utilise Facebook & Online Shopping lead generation channels to procure the right people, at the right time, with the right offers.


Our Heart & Integrity based approach is our huge point of difference. We guarantee to generate leads. We consider all of our clients to be family.


15 years Experience Generating Leads & Appointments for Investment Property Leads, Mortgage Refinance Leads, Financial Planning Leads, Financial Services Leads and various B2B Leads.


We know what you need and we know what your prospects want.


We also know what most other lead generation companies are like…


We are here to bring more Love & Integrity to the lead generation industry.


In our experience, most lead generation companies are like used car salesman, you never know what you are going to get.


Our focus is creating revenue. Generating actual revenue for and with you is our End-Game. We create leads that convert to appointments at a high rate, because the prospects are actually interested.


We choose who we work with. We are here to love you and make you more successful.


We charge on a pay per lead basis, so that when you invest with Appointment Setter you’ll know exactly how many leads will follow.

Engagement Strategy


Revenue Creation